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Welcome to Emerald City Sugar Gliders
Hello my name is Dee!

I am a stay at home mom, and have been the driving force to the family falling in love with and cuddling our Sugar Gliders.  We decided that we wanted to share that love with others so we started a small breeding program just Northeast of Seattle.  I am proud to announce that as of Oct. 2015 I am a USDA licensed breeder.

With being a stay at home mom I have the time to be able to really socialize with the gliders.  My goal is to have very sweet tame babies to go home to their new owners.  For me it is so exciting to anticipate the arrival of a new joey and imagine what they will look like as they develop.  Each glider has it's own unique personality and often times end up with a nickname, like one of my little boys has been nicknamed, the sloth.

Although they have the sweetest faces in the world and their fur is as soft as rabbits fur, they are not for everyone.  We  encourage anyone considering adopting gliders to insure they do their research and research some more, we are also here to help new families with information prior to purchase and after they go to their new home.  When thinking about purchasing a glider you need to understand they will be your friend for up to 15 years, maybe longer, are you willing to care and love on your furry friend for that long?  Sugar Gliders are colony animals they need and bond to cagemates and to their owners.  They thrive for attention and time and when you first get them they really do need time, time to get to know you and their environments.

I hope you will take awhile and read through my site here and if you feel your ready to give these little guys a new home please contact me!
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Sweet Suggies!
Just a quick note for anyone trying to reach me. I am typically very good about responding in a timely manor to any emails I receive. I have recently had to switch my email, same address just a different system on my side. So if you haven't heard back from me please check your junk mail and send me another email. I may not be as quick as I normally am but we are getting into a very busy time for myself and my family, I will try to stay on top of contacts though.  11-16-2014 Thanks for you understanding.